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How did you find the accredited laboratories accredited in the site of the ARMNAB?

On the site of the in the section "REGISTER" / "Registry of accredited laboratories" / The list can be determined by the name of the object of the examination (scope of accreditation), by the number of the accreditation certificate, organization, ADGT/EAEU code, and so on.

Can an accredited entity include the results of accredited and non-accredited activities in one documents?

ARMNAB has developed a procedure for applying the accreditation mark and a text reference to accreditation, which is set out in the PL-03 Policy on application of accreditation symbol and documented procedure K-03 Provision on application of logo and accreditation symbol of the National Accreditation Body, developed taking into account the documents of international accreditation organizations ILAC, IAF, EA. In accordance with documented procedure K-03, it is not allowed to refer to accreditation in relation to activities that are not included in the scope of accreditation provided by ARMNAB. An accredited entity should not include the results of accredited and non-accredited activities in documents under a single link to accreditation (through the use of an accreditation mark or a text reference to accreditation). Additional information, which clarifies the application of the accreditation mark and text reference you can find by syllable:

Can the head of the laboratory be a part-time QMS specialist?

Yes, can.

Is it possible, when filling out the personnel table, instead of scanned versions of work books, attach an extract from the staffing table approved in the prescribed manner?

You need to attach a scanned version of work books to prove the employee's work experience in this organization, including the total work experience. In the absence of a work book, another document confirming the length of service of the employee.

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